About Us

Kainos Foundation (KF) was formed in 2020 with the purpose of raising funds to support African-Caribbean young students who have the potential to succeed but have been hampered by financial constraints and lack of opportunities. Young people from African & Caribbean backgrounds have the desired potential and talent to succeed to the very top but many face several challenges in their attempt
to fulfil their potential.

Our desire is to empower and transform lives by offering the support and platform needed as well as mentor these young students to their potential.

We believe (and it has been proven) that given the right support and opportunities to succeed, many students from African-Carribean backgrounds, would be able to compete at the very highest level with the absolute best in the world in any field.

The foundation also seeks to support the efforts of other health organisations in improving the health outcomes of the minority ethnic groups from the African-Caribbean community through community health programmes.

We hope that ‘every little helps’ and our small efforts would in no small way improve the overall socioeconomic prospects of the African-Caribbean young person.

Our Vision

We believe that in every young person, is the potential to succeed. We envision that with the right support, opportunities and platform, every young African Caribbean child should be able to compete with the best in the world.

Our Mission

To help create opportunities and support for gifted and talented young African-Caribbean children to fulfil their potential. We hope to achieve this by providing much needed resources including financial, educational, mentoring and networking support to such young people. Using positive role models, we also hope to motivate and influence these gifted young men and women to aspire to greatness.